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[IC] Core Nations

Federation of Fioran States
The Federation of Fioran States, more commonly called Fiore or the Federation, is the center of magical activity in the galaxy, both the innate and manufactured variants. It is also one of the most populous nations, and has the greatest freedoms, although such comes with a generally more risky lifestyle, or at least in the first world definition of such.
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Governing Sector, Innovative Sector, Romantic Sector, Lustrous Sector, Onyx Sector
Union of Pergrande
The Union of Pergrande is a socialist federation steeped in tradition as its predecessor was. In an ideological conflict with Fiore, the government of Pergrande stresses group unity over individualism, and as a result to outsiders it can seem to be an unforgiving culture. However, the nation is known for its weapons exports, although they are relatively isolated in the galactic economy.
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Aslatiel, Carhillion, Durgo, Faraam, Licia
Boscan Großereich
The Boscan Großereich is a democracy in name, although functions more as a oligarchy in practice. Despite this, Bosco is one of the most populous countries in the galaxy, and its people are generally well off. Strength is valued and weakness scorned in the Reich, however, its industrial economy and style of life reflecting these values.
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Norden, Osten, Süden, Westen

[IC] Peripheral Nations

Elseimian State
Elseima, called such in all references except the most official, is one of the outlier nations of the galaxy, and although its inhabitants are descendants from Earthland, they are far more removed than most other countries. The nation itself has a rather unique culture, and native Elseimians lack any true magic, leading to the development of unique technologies.
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The Maw, Behatteren II
Isborn-Bellumese Commonwealth
Once two proud nations, Isberg and Bellum have long been united under the banner of the Isborn-Bellumese Commonwealth. Known for their production of elementium as well as the frigid climates citizens of the IBC inhabit, the country is respected on the galactic scale for its hardy culture and distinct religions, despite its size.
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Ilysium Hold
Republic of Chorus
A nation once pulled apart by the conflict between Fiore and Pergrande, Chorus has emerged as a growing industrial power, attracting corporate conglomerates that have invested into the country. However, while boosting Chorus's economy, these businesses have effectively made the government chained to them, corruption running rampant on the developing planet.
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Republic of Stella
The Republic of Stella is the only major non-human country of those descended from Earthland, and its single planet is primarily populated by elves. While it is a beautiful place, and Stellans are known for their reverence of nature and the fine arts, a serious class divide exists between the elves and humans that inhabit Stella, leading to some questionable practices.
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Neo Elen

[IC] Independent Bodies

Alliance of Unified Planets
The Alliance of Unified Planets does not have a planet or system on its own, rather, any land owned by the organization is registered as neutral no matter what nation it may reside in. The same goes for the ISC outposts found throughout the galaxy.
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Outer Regions
The Outer Regions are areas of space, some occupied, others not, that are generally neutral in nature. Many small settlements and planets can be found in the Outer Regions that don't have much intergalactic influence, along with many strange spacial phenomenon being found.
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Mess Hall

Welcomes & Absences
Come in and say hi the old fashioned way or wave goodbye if you are leaving for a time.
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General Discussion
You can talk with other members here about whatever you wish.
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Literature Center, Art Center
Roleplay Discussion
You can talk with other members about the site and roleplaying here.
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Character Plotting
Here is where you can find details regarding other sites.
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Old Profiles
For those profiles of characters who are no longer with us or were denied for any reason.
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Archived Characters
Modification Portfolio
All completed modification will be stored here for future references and to avoid mishaps of any kind.
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